Top 10 Tuesday


I have decided to implement a top 10 tuesday into the Leftovers From Friday world. Basically, (though this idea could potentially evolve elsewhere, for this week let’s keep it simple) each Tuesday, I will post my top ten things, news of interest, places, people etc. that I am currently obsessed with. Sometimes, they will be themed. Sometimes, they will only be health-focused. Sometimes, like today, they will be random. AWESOME right? It’s a proven fact that people love reading lists. Actually, I don’t know that but I know I love lists so I’m going to make the assumption that other people do too. Hopefully the people reading this.

Sooooo, without further ado, the first TOP TEN TUESDAY list ever. Enjoy.


I want to make this and then devour it. (via: cookieandkate)

Can we talk honestly for a moment on how much I love smoothies? I am a smoothie queen. The smoothie master. And I don’t just mean making them. I drink those suckers like a champ too. No brain-freeze. Total pro. Anyway, recently.. I have been making a new kind everyday. Random fact: did you know you can put spinach in a smoothie and you don’t even taste it? It’s like getting your veggies in without you even knowing it! I know..sounds gross but don’t knock it till you try it. My latest favorite is peanut butter pumpkin:  1/4 cup pumpkin

1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond milk

1.5 tablespoon PB2 ( powdered peanut butter. AMAZING stuff. just add milk)

splash vanilla extract

2 ice cubes

1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

#9- Twitter account: MrsRupertPupkin 

Ok, go read her tweets. Seriously. First thoughts? I’m extremely uncomfortable by everything this woman says in 140 characters or less. HOWEVER, I still find myself laughing at her because half the time her thoughts on being single and having a cat are so strange and awkward you just have to smile. Awkward people are wonderful. This lady may not even be real but I don’t care. She brightens my day. Example: “A coworker just told me her foot fell asleep. Big deal, that happens to my WHOLE body EVERY NIGHT.”  or “A parrot just called me a loser. That parrot was my Dad :(“


#8- The Merc

The Merc is a natural food grocer in Lawrence, Kansas. Something about me: I LOVE grocery stores. I seriously can spend ridiculous amounts of time in them. But The Merc is especially awesome because they sell quality organic and local produce. You seriously can’t beat their peaches. Or any of their vegetables. I go there and just want to hug everyone who works there because you just get the feeling they love their jobs. Also, they are the only place in Lawrence (as far as I know) that you can buy big tubs of Fage Greek Yogurt (best kind). 2 points for the Merc. You guys rock!

#7- Alicia Keys

Watch her on GMA this morning? If not, observe. This woman is MY IDOL. She’s beautiful, talented and definitely in the top 5 people I would like to become if I was given the option. (See also: Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, Rachel McAdams, and Zooey Deschanel) Once, I met her dad in Boulder and told him I loved him… it’s fine.

#6- Kevin.Murphy Hair Resort Beach Texturizer

Smells. like. heaven. I kid you not. My hairdresser used it on my hair to give it more wave, which is great, fine, but the reason I really bought it is THE SMELL. It smells like if coconut and vanilla had a child and that child was bottled in the bottle below. It makes my hair happy. And my nose. Buy it here.



Do you like to cook? Do you like pictures of awesome looking food that you can make? Foodgawker is a compilation of every food blogs top recipes of the day. It gets updated constantly but the pictures are drool worthy and beautiful. And if you see something you like, just click on the picture and you too can enjoy such a creation. Genius. Nom.

#4- aprons. 

SPECIFICALLY, Anthropologie aprons. I don’t want to go all Hannah Homemaker on you, but if you don’t think these are cute, then you probably are one of those people who hate puppies. And sunshine. And watch C-Span for fun. … Or a guy.


#3- THESE muffins

made them tonight. delicious. I love oatmeal and bananas separately. But together? Uh hello, make them now.  (thanks to Julie for this recipe)

#2-Justins Almond Butter  



And finally! My #1 Top Tuesday pick of the week??


This is pretty self-explanatory. I feel like I have a new boyfriend/best friend/child (sans needy features) etc. in my life. We’re connected at the hip. I can Facetime on it! The only person I really facetime is my Dad …so that’s not that exciting. But if I wanted to, I could talk face to face with.. well, anyone else who has an ipad 2/ iphone 4. But you know what they say (apple commercial, being they)– If you don’t have an Ipad… you don’t have an Ipad.

… suckers. 🙂

Well that’s about it for this Tuesday. Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week! And tomorrow.. I’ll tell you why!  I’m gonna spend the rest of tonight eating muffins and applying for jobs. And… probably spending an unhealthy amount of time on Facebook.

The end.

Don’t forget to have a good time

So it’s Monday. Everyone I know pretty much hates Mondays. But when you don’t have a REAL job… The beginning of the week isn’t so different from Sunday. IN FACT, the beginning of the week isn’t so bad at all.

Daisy LOVES Mondays.

I started today off with a workout from The Fitnessista’s “Summer Shape-up”. Don’t be fooled by her sweet name… She’ll kick your ass. If you’re interested in participating, the links are below. She posts a new workout every week (for 8 weeks) and along with my half-marathon training, I could potentially look like a Victorias Secret model by the end of July. Or be dead. 🙂

The Fitnessista Summer Shape-up Week 1

The Fitnessista Summer Shape-up Week 2

The Fitnessista Summer Shape-up Week 3

ANYWAY, good luck with that if you attempt it. They aren’t easy but I like the variation and who doesn’t love endorphins?

Completely unrelated side-note– Who has been in this situation before? You finally get up the nerve to clean out your closet and realize a lot of clothes you don’t wear anymore, so you think I’ll take it to a consignment store and get money for them! Hooray! And then you go to Plato’s Closet and they stare at you and say, “Sorry. We can’t take any of that.” And you’re like well, that’s rude because this is cute stuff and SORRY it doesn’t say Abercrombie on it anywhere….snooty bitches.

.. That DIDN’T happen to me today! But it’s happened to me before, so I know the pain of that situation. I went to a store on Mass Street (Arizona Trading Company) and they took almost all of my clothes! WAHOO! I made 17 bucks! Best. Day. Ever. Sort of. But when you think you aren’t going to make more than five dollars and then you make three times that, well.. that’s exciting right?

I’ve spent the rest of today applying for jobs and internships and eating too much hummus and broccoli. Looking forward to Dollar night. Trying to get excited about leaving Lawrence. Thinking my current fourth of July plans are looking bleak. Wishing I owned a lakehouse. Wishing I owned a moped. Wishing Harry Potter was real. Realizing that you can use a Gap credit card at other places than just Gap. Looking up the meaning of the word infrastructure (definition: The basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g., buildings, roads, and power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.) Wondering how I can slide this into a conversation with.. anyone. Thinking about boys. Thinking about clothes. Thinking I should paint my nails. Thinking I should bake brownies. More Hummus and Broccoli.


Who says Mondays have to be boring? I have a volleyball game tonight. mostly we play against old drunk white people. Who typically suck. But, I like to win so this is ok.

Here’s a final thought. Sometimes, we forget we are living our own lives FOR OURSELVES instead of for someone else. You only get one. Why live it in a way you don’t want to just because you think thats what’s expected of you? So, I really hope you love your job. I really hope you love your life. Because if you don’t.. what’s stopping you from doing so?


To adventure and fun.. and Wednesdays.


Adventure girl

I thought about starting my first post with an inspirational quote because anyone who knows me at all knows that I’m a sucker for a good quote. But then I realized.. I don’t want to start writing something that’s my own with someone else’s words. Sure, they  could probably put it a little better than me, maybe a little more eloquent, a little more refined ..but then it wouldn’t be me saying it.

Yes... this is my old license plate.

I’m currently on an airplane on my way back from Colorado, and taking an actual flight to a new place reminds me that it’s kind of like I’m “taking off” to somewhere different. Notice I didn’t say better, and that’s not to be cynical but rather to be truthful. I just graduated college, I’m terrified to start over but regardless, its happening. And it’s somewhere new and different. And hopefully better! But I just don’t know yet.

We did it! ...Now what

I’ve been inspired by other people’s words my entire life. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of health blogs and discovered a real passion for nutrition and exercise. I can’t get enough of it. These people wake up in the morning and  run 10 miles because they love it! And they eat well, not because they are on some diet or because its a chore, but because they want to. And they share advice that’s not only applicable in terms of nutrition and health but in life. And for me, that’s inspiring.  And I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to wake up and run a half marathon just because or be able to say no to brownie batter, but I think being healthy means you don’t always have to. Life is about treating yourself. And it’s about enjoying yourself between destinations. Whether you’re flying, or running, or barely crawling with your eyes closed. (….how’s that for a corny metaphor?)


So, I’m not saying this won’t ever be a sounding board for my frustrations and setbacks but I am trying to find some way to share with the world how to make your day a little better. Because if each day isn’t a little bit of an adventure, I think you need to ask yourself why. Why settle?