Adventure girl

I thought about starting my first post with an inspirational quote because anyone who knows me at all knows that I’m a sucker for a good quote. But then I realized.. I don’t want to start writing something that’s my own with someone else’s words. Sure, they  could probably put it a little better than me, maybe a little more eloquent, a little more refined ..but then it wouldn’t be me saying it.

Yes... this is my old license plate.

I’m currently on an airplane on my way back from Colorado, and taking an actual flight to a new place reminds me that it’s kind of like I’m “taking off” to somewhere different. Notice I didn’t say better, and that’s not to be cynical but rather to be truthful. I just graduated college, I’m terrified to start over but regardless, its happening. And it’s somewhere new and different. And hopefully better! But I just don’t know yet.

We did it! ...Now what

I’ve been inspired by other people’s words my entire life. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of health blogs and discovered a real passion for nutrition and exercise. I can’t get enough of it. These people wake up in the morning and  run 10 miles because they love it! And they eat well, not because they are on some diet or because its a chore, but because they want to. And they share advice that’s not only applicable in terms of nutrition and health but in life. And for me, that’s inspiring.  And I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to wake up and run a half marathon just because or be able to say no to brownie batter, but I think being healthy means you don’t always have to. Life is about treating yourself. And it’s about enjoying yourself between destinations. Whether you’re flying, or running, or barely crawling with your eyes closed. (….how’s that for a corny metaphor?)


So, I’m not saying this won’t ever be a sounding board for my frustrations and setbacks but I am trying to find some way to share with the world how to make your day a little better. Because if each day isn’t a little bit of an adventure, I think you need to ask yourself why. Why settle?




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