My boyfriend Lawrence: A break-up story

I think I owe everyone a TOP TEN TUESDAY.. actually on a Tuesday.

But first.. my thoughts on the band, Third Eye Blind and why I love them. Recently I have been trying to pinpoint exactly what it is about them that I enjoy.. and I think I finally got it. I love them because they play the kind of music that make you nostalgic for a memory you’ve never had. Does that make sense? Allow me to explain. Their lyrics (I’m a big lyrical analyst) rarely talk about concepts or ideas but rather specific events and things and places. And though you may not experience anything they talk about, the way they sing and what they sing about makes you feel like you have. Their specifics bring you back to a bigger picture, making you think about, wish about, remember something that happened even if it never did. Which brings me to my theme for this weeks TOP TEN TUESDAY. On Friday, I’ll officially no longer be a Lawrence resident. And I’ll never move back. Which is HORRIBLY sad. And wonderfully exciting at the same time. I’m at the beginning of the rest of my life, but I’m at the end of this. And like the last line of a song, after singing the chorus endlessly, I’d like to leave this section of my life memorable with just a few final words. So in honor of the time I’ve spent here, I present to you the 4th installment of TOP TEN TUESDAY and along with that, some specific things, places and people.. so that you too, can maybe become nostalgic for memories you’ve never had.

The Top TEN things/places/people I will miss about Lawrence–

Poster Lawrence Boy, thanks for your time.

10) Dennis the Homeless man who has a fake baby-

Oh Dennis. From the day I first met you my freshman year at Jubilee Cafe and you were dressed for St. Patricks day in September, I knew we were meant to be friends. Recently, I have seen you playing in the dumpster behind my house and I regret never asking you the name of your fake baby child. I hope you eventually find happiness with someone who is equally as eccentric as you. Maybe they can bring a fake stuffed pet into the family. Maybe a cat. I see you as a cat person over a dog person. I wish you many more wonderful years in Lawrence after I leave, and I hope you know there will always be room in my dumpster for you. So long my homeless man friend.

9) The 6th floor of Lewis Hall–

Because your freshman year is something that you look back on and find yourself sort of cringing.. and I’m no exception to this rule. To the the walls that probably still have stains on them from me spewing straight Bacardi Razz on their off-white exterior after failing to eat dinner and consuming a fifth almost entirely to myself one fateful Tuesday night at Quintons. A lesson I learned immediately and have somehow managed to avoid to repeating ( metaphoric pat on the back here). To our floor’s study room, where I cried after my parents left on my first day and also during the majority of recruitment week and sometimes, when I just was feeling sad. To room 617, which housed many a drunken dance party, and where I also got three drinking violation tickets.. realizing that these may or may not have been in direct correlation. To the people I met there that I failed to keep in touch with as time and experiences separated us both, but also knowing the memories and mistakes I made on the 6th floor of Lewis hall will not be soon forgotten.

4 years ago..

4 years later 🙂

8) Finals Week

I love the feeling finals week has. It’s like every single person has injected themselves with this anxious amped up stressed insane caffeine adderall injection and then just being around each other makes the whole campus feed off of eachother’s power. And maybe it’s weird that I liked it, but it really made me feel so connected to each person. Hey frat boy in the corner who’s about to fail Math 002 for the second time, I feel ya. It’s ok. Just flip that hat around, think about a Wang burger at the Wheel and dream on because God knows, you’re gonna take this class again for the next two semesters. Oh hey Asian girl speaking so fast I can’t understand a word you’re saying ( oh it’s not english, that’s why) good luck on your micro-physics advanced exam today. I know you took this course in the third grade but at least you are taking it now for practice for when you cure cancer…. And so on and so forth. Finals week connects everyone. We’re all stressed. But we all ended it the same, and you could feel it. Like a big gust of air just sighed collectively on campus Friday evening of the last final (which for some reason I ALWAYS had) .. and everyone could breathe again. At least until grades came out.

Yes, this was a personal find. Sometimes you just gotta sleep ok?

7) Ed, The Hawk Janitor,

There are few men I know who compare to the standard that Ed has set for humankind. A janitor at the Hawk back before many of us were born (this is actually an exaggeration, my point is no one knows how long this man has been working there) he has had exactly 15 21st birthdays. He’s a legend in particular in the pine room. Ed orders two types of drinks. Tequila and Bud light. And he always tips (God bless him). Finally, a little known fact about Ed. Ed isn’t short for Edward or Edwardo but actually are his initials. E. David. He goes by E.D. Yes.. that’s actually true. Adios, mi amigo.

6) Frat Packs-

How do you know when it’s spring at KU?

I’ll give you 3 little clues.

It involves 12 boys, 6 shades of pastel and 24 sperry shoes.

Special shout-outs to Kappa Sigma and Phi Delta Theta for really bringing back the creature pants and croakie combination. Honorable mention to assorted members in Beta Theta Pi.. but it’s Beta so let’s not get too crazy.

5) Melrose Apartments-

Specifically, Melrose pool. Because no summer late night in Lawrence was ever complete without a early hour swim. Also because some of my greatest and most ridiculous stories come from Melrose. All of which are either a)embarrassing b) hilarious or c) illegal. And none of which will be shared online. 🙂

4) Yokohama

Yoko, I have been all around the world and have tried sushi everywhere I’ve been. Yet, as a Sushi Connoisseur, I have yet to find a more perfect California Roll than what you have created here in Lawrence, Kansas. Congrats. Also, you hold my V card in Saki Bombing. You never forget your first. Thanks for the hangover.

3) Dennis.. not homeless, no fake babies, EK cook-

Dear Dennis, if you’re reading this I hope you know how INCREDIBLY important you are to Sigma Kappa. Not only are you a five star cook, but a personal friend to every girl who comes through it’s doors. Thank you for putting up with all my shenanigans through the years and always making vegetarian options and having plenty of cottage cheese and letting me make you a twitter and helping me with Bid day and not laughing at me when I came back for fourths on Greek Food / Sigma Wrappa day and letting me and Andrea live in Sigma Kappa even after everyone was gone and leaving food so that we wouldn’t starve and for all the times you let us take home leftovers so that we didn’t have to cook or buy food and for making our last senior formal THE BEST EVER! You’re the greatest. I seriously miss you so much already.

2) The Martini Room at the Hawk

True, I could mention 14th and Ohio specifically as something that I will obviously and clearly miss with all my heart. I truly spent more time at that street corner (insert hooker joke here) than probably any other place combined (including class and being home) but I want to send a specific shout-out to the Martini Room for no other reason than when I think about the very best times I have had at the Hawk, or even at KU, they generally have taken place in this room. Specifically, Jagerbombs on top of the bar on my 21st birthday, every football game, whenever my brother visited, every time I decided that top-shelf tequila was absolutely necessary, every heart-to heart I had with sober bartenders, the time I helped some girl put her shirt on forward after she came out of the bathroom with it inside out and backwards (explain that one)…simply stated, I’ll miss you Martini. You pretend to be classy, but for those of us who have frequented you the past 4 years.. we all know you are just the Boom Boom room’s better dressed and sluttier older sister. And I respect you for that.


And the number 1 thing I’ll miss about Lawrence?

Maybe it’s not just one thing. Maybe It’s a combination of a dozen feelings all massed into one giant lump in the back of my throat that keep me holding on until this point. The feeling I got the night before I got to go back up to school, walking down Jayhawk boulevard and saying hi to every single person I know which undoubtedly usually made me late for class, recruitment week in basement engulfed in hairspray and trashy magazines, drunk eating wheel pizza and debating on whether spending the extra quarter on ranch was economically sound, getting ready for countless formals, theme and date parties, watching Mom Fran snore in her recliner and the one time I stole the key from her bedtable so I could make oatmeal (which is all on film FYI), taking long walks on campus during Asian passing period (5 pm Central standard time), that one text message at 2:15 AM on a Thursday, knowing that each year, every year, there was always another year until now.

And finally.. seeing myself over the course of time change into the person I truly want to be.. but yet, still desperately wanting to go back and do it again.

This wasn’t particularly easy to write. But just like every thing else in life, there has to be an end and there has to be a time you say goodbye. You can say the timing isn’t right, you can try to avoid reality but the truth is, the timing is never right. Life doesn’t wait and college always ends. But when life has an expiration date, why can’t every day be a glory day? So to my fellow grads, a final toast on behalf of our time here and what’s ahead– may we only dwell on the past long enough to appreciate the present. May we never fall into the average, the mundane, the ordinary or the common. And most importantly, may we continue to live as if these are the best days of our lives. Because they are!

I think I speak on behalf of us all when I say, It’s been fun Lawrence!
to the stars..

What’s the word for…

You know those situations where you bring something up to a friend that you were just thinking about or doing and they’re like, “That’s so weird! I was just thinking/doing that too!”??   

…For Example:

Andrea is in this online creative writing class (which is taking her forever even though she is a good writer and is super creative so I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY it’s taking her so long..) But anyway, she’s on the couch writing one of her stories for class and I’m walking around the kitchen singing (this is typical behavior) and my choice of songs for the day is Whiskey Girl by Toby Keith. Which is bizarre anyway because I never sing Toby Keith but I guess yesterday I was singing the star-spangled banner so I guess I’m just feeling super patriotic lately or something. Anyway, after singing I feel the need to watch the music video behind the song (which is stupid, don’t watch it.. you’ll feel like you lost minutes of your life) and I ask Andrea if it’s ok (because I am a good roommate and I don’t want to interrupt her in the middle of her story writing) and she says, “Yeah.. that’s so weird before you started singing I was writing a part in my story about the main character doing Kareoke the night before and her artist of choice was Toby Keith”.

…..AND BAM! What are the odds of this situation? It’s like a miniature version of the twilight zone. Bi-zarre.

This kind of thing happens to us a lot and we’ve come down to a couple simple conclusions:

  1. I am a superhero (my words not Andreas) and my only power is being able to specifically read Andrea’s mind. Which will help me in a life or death situation probably never. 
  2. This happens to others a lot too and therefore needs some form of a title. (…probably the less likely of the two.)

We were trying to think of one that combines the words “weird” and “coincidence” to make the word “coierdence” but decided that it didn’t fit. If you have a better name for this particular situation and would like to share PLEASE let us know. In the mean time, I’ll just continue to believe that I can read Andrea’s mind. 

I’m going to the Royals game tonight! On a party bus! Good luck Liver! The last time I did this was two years ago and let’s just say it ended (as most of my experiences with intense alcoholic consumption do)… with embarrassment and shame. … So bring it on! 

I also have a job interview today at one so I am debating on waiting for TOP TEN TUESDAY to once again be pushed back to Wednesday. I know, I know.. but I guess I could do a double feature? A short and sweet version today with an extended version tomorrow? How does this sound? Ok great. Done. 

Today’s TOP TEN TUESDAY (the abbreviated version):

The Top ten things that I think would be extremely useful/helpful/SWEET in real life that are available to wizards in Harry Potter

Happy Christmas Harry. Happy Christmas Ron.

 (yes, I am really doing this. Ps: Edward Cullen…. is a fairy) 

10- Apparating/ Disapparating

9-  The tents that are actually houses inside which are LEGIT (see: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire)

8- The Sorting Hat

7- Butterbeer

6- an elf servant (but not a slave, more like a Dobby-type)

5- howler letters 

4- Skiving Snackboxes

3-  A Marauders Map

2- Felix Felicis potion

1- A wand. Obviously. Allowing me at the very least the luxury of hexing every person who has ever cut me off in traffic. 

As I said earlier, a more detailed reasoning behind all of these will come tomorrow. Hold on to your broomsticks until then kids!

…Ok sorry,  that was admittedly super gay. 

Have a great Tuesday!


The show goes on


I don’t have a lot of time to write today but since it’s been a while I thought I’d update some leftovers.  My current life in bullets:

  • We found an apartment! It’s right off the Country Club Plaza and you can see Anthropologie from the street (God help us). Dylan and I are planning on moving in the 27th. I probably won’t leave Lawrence until that Sunday (the 31st) though, so say your goodbyes because we’re moving on to BIGGER and BETTERthings. Also, stay tuned for a housewarming party. At a nearby bar. Details TBA 🙂

    Future Roommates! Likes: the color orange, Third Eye Blind and Elliott Krause. Dislikes: directions and hangovers

  • Wedding Weekend is coming up! I’m getting married!!!!!!! Just kidding. Barf. (sorry engaged couples, newlyweds, current married people, people who love marriage) Actually, my aunt is getting married and I’m her maid of honor. Ya… she’s trusting me with this title. It’s in GRAND LAKE, Colorado and basically I get to live on a lake for a week and get pedicures and manicures and get my hair done and eat GREAT food, and drink copious amounts of wine and live. it. up. Also, be supportive of her marriage of course. Congrats to my beautiful Aunt! 

The lovely Bride to be and me in San Francisco last April

  •  I’ve upped my running regime to approx. 5 miles a day and with the weather how it is, this actually might kill me. I’ve found it’s easiest to run around 6 in the morning but with my current work schedule of either working at 6:30 AM (as a barista) or until 3:30 AM (as a bartender)// Let’s just say things are a little complicated. Something I have found that is helpful is wearing my running outfit to bed so when I wake up all I have to do is have breakfast and put on my shoes and GO! Which sometimes works out.. and sometimes doesn’t.
  • ….annnnnddd I still don’t have a job. I have decided to look at this as less tragedy, and more triumph. I’ve had several interviews and the truth is, I know at one of these places I’m their dream girl. And if not, it’s not like I’m not going to live right down the street from a ZILLION shops and restaurants that couldn’t hold me over in the meantime. I’m getting more excited about my future and less sad and though I know these next two weeks are going to be hard to leave some of my very BEST friends, I also know this isn’t the end.. it’s the just beginning of something different and new. 
  • Finally, some things that I have learned/realized over the past week that I thought I would share…
    • Horse Movies. I hate them. I’ve always hated them and I have given more than a few a try and immediately regretted the decision. Don’t believe me? Did anyone see the preview before Harry Potter 7 Part 2 for “War Horse”? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT MOVIE ABOUT?? I don’t think there was ever a word said. Just a horse constantly running through a field. What I don’t understand is why Hollywood would put that preview in front of one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. It seems a little silly/stupid/unreasonable/retarded. No one wants to see a movie about a horse. Regardless if it precludes Harry Potter or not.
    • I’m obsessed with oatmeal. OBSESSED. You want some of the best oatmeal of your life? 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup vanilla almond milk,1 cup water, 1 zero cal sugar pack (I like stevia) 1 25 cal pack of cocoa, 2 tbs PB, one small banana, cook for 12 min on stove and voila. Chocolate Peanut butter oatmeal. It’s dank. If you like oatmeal you will thank/ hug me. Plus it’s good for you! And it makes a lot. 
    • The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has the capacity to ruin my credit score/ life. I need everything. 
    • Never drink with a bunch of bartenders after the bar closes. Everyone will want to show off “the new shot they made up” and all of the shots will be extremely strong and then it will be six AM. And you will be 8 shots deep and watching the sun rise with the Hawk Janitor, Ed wondering how things escalated quite so quickly. 
    • Finally… Harry Potter has always been and will always be my favorite hero. I love him. And true love lasts forever. I feel the same way about red velvet cake and puppies.
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s TOP TEN TUESDAY.. it’s going to be a good one. The end!


Who's this bitch??

When I was in high school, I had a teacher who would give you extra credit if you were the first to tell him, “It’s Friday Sucka!” each Friday of the week. The story goes that when he was in college, he had a friend who would do this to him but with elaborate pranks which would end with his friend slyly informing him, it’s Friday sucka (translation: watch your back because I’m going to somehow make you look like a total jackass today.)

In honor of this endearing college tradition, he continued to implement it within his work as a professional and thus opened the door to each of his students to pull creative (and ok ..sometimes illegal) ways to tell him it was the weekend. This usually spanned into massive plans of attack to be the first in his class to attempt this title each week. I’m sure he came to school every Friday just jazzed out of his freaking mind that his classroom might be full of thousands of sticky notes exclaiming SUCKA in bright red letters or that his morning coffee sleeve had a secret message declaring someone winner for that week. To Mr. Thompson, EVERY Friday was a surprise.

I too, have re-created the “It’s Friday Sucka” game into my daily weekend routine throughout college as a game I would play with my sorority’s cook (yo Dennis.. it’s friday btw) on who could say it to eachother first. One time I was walking down the stairs at 8 AM and he already had a banner there waiting for me. Tricky, tricky… well played.

The reason this blog is called “Leftovers from Friday”?? When I was in the third grade (I was a particularly precocious and intellectual child).. I wrote a poem for a class contest and labeled it Leftovers from Friday. The winners of this contest got their piece published in the local newspaper along with their picture and name. Being in the advanced spelling group, I figured my chances were decent. I’m pretty sure I pulled like three all-nighters to ensure victory of this highly coveted title but ultimately, the day of the winning contestants were released and it was at that moment that I received my first brush with fame (spoiler alert: I won that bitch). Do you even know what kind of ecstacy this brings an 8 year old?? There aren’t words. There are noises.. which I made. A sort of half-strangled gargle while choking on your cheerios as you stare at your angelic face in black and white print type of noise. It’s kind of a unique one-time sound. 🙂

ANYWAY.. Since then, Leftovers from Friday has been a symbol of good fortune for me. Who even knows what that poem was about? And who cares? It brought me luck. and joy. and fame. And in honor of my 8-year-old self in all her ingenious glory, I am bringing Leftovers from Friday back with hope it can do it again. (mostly the joy part but I’m being realistic and also knowing it will ultimately make me famous in the long term)

and so to end this story…SHE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Actually, I don’t think we have gotten there quite yet. What I meant to say is…




Have a great weekend!

A Top Ten Tuesday Original

Good (Wednesday) Afternoon! 

 After taking a good 4 mile run last night.. I was a little too tired to write up something spectacular (which is obviously expected) and so I decided to wait to postpone my TOP TEN TUESDAY until Wednesday which is fortunate because Wednesday is the best day of the week. Therefore, this list should make your day better. At least I HOPE it will. 

Yes.. these are my parents. I found this lovely shot on my computer a few months back. I'm such a lucky, lucky girl.

ANYWAY.. Today’s theme? THE FUTURE.  Because who doesn’t like playing the someday game? Someday, I’ll be rich. Someday, I’ll be famous. Someday, I’ll fall in love. Someday, I’m going to do this. Someday, I’m going to do that. (I’m not about to make a Justin Bieber reference.. I promise.

…..but if you didn’t pick up on that.. you can watch his commercial here.) 🙂

Anyway, I really, really try to live in the moment. Really I do. (This occasionally gets me in trouble. Examples: basically my entire high school career, a certain curtain incident in college, the time I got in trouble for dancing on a roof in London etc. etc.)  And I also really believe you should spend most of your time in the present because after all, the future hasn’t happened yet and if you live there.. do you ever really live? Taking Socrates back for a moment, my point is that sometimes, it’s fun to dream about what you are going to do someday. So without further discussion– I introduce to you, the second installment of……

TOP TEN TUESDAY: the future addition

and otherwise known as….

TOP TEN THINGS I will do when I am

comfortably wealthy and also relatively well-known–

(because rich and famous is such a cliche. And kind of vague. Just HOW MUCH is rich exactly? And fame is overrated. See: Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, every single Kennedy and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi )

Seeing the world through sequined glasses pretty much guarantees your future to be bright.. right snooks?

10. Get a butler. I’m serious. I’m not going to make him my slave or anything but how COOL would it be to have a butler? This is my dream.  Here is a rough outline of what he should look like: (except without this unacceptable look of fear on his face (my butler will be fearless) and obviously a good 20 years younger. And black… Maybe.)

9.  Go on ridiculous roadtrips without maps just because I like to drive. And because I am super wealthy so I don’t care about gas money. Also, I will drive some hybrid vehicle that operates off energy from the sun and won’t really need gas but I’ll stop at gas stations anyway just for the experience. And I’ll drive to random places and eat at cool restaurants and speak with an accent (because no one will know me) and I’ll pay for people’s tolls behind me (which I have always wanted to do but most of the time I have a hard time finding change for my own toll) and I’ll make it a point to drive off into the sunset whenever I can, just because I can.

Thanks to the The Boss for this obvious ride into the sunset road choice: 

8. Start my own non-profit organization to increase awareness about nutrition that will benefit families with little access to such information. (This is a serious one guys. I can be serious sometimes too.) Because I really really think that childhood obesity is a sad thing. People should have the option of eating better without breaking their bank to make sure their kids get the nutrients they need. Really! Also.. I want some sort of run to be involved because the first letter of my name has amazing alliteration utilization opportunities. (Think Meg, Mile, Marathon, Magic etc.) I’m just saying.. THIS COULD BE BIG! 

7. Get a mural of my dog. Reenacting this picture. Her friends can also pose. (Let me know if you are in on this brilliant idea.. your dog could be chosen.) 

And remake like a zillion copies and have it be the ONLY gift I ever give anyone. ever.

6.  Obviously, ride in first class on an airplane FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. There is nothing quite like riding first class on a ten-hour flight and experiencing all its wonderous glory and then having it stripped away from you upon your return flight sitting next to the most obese person on the flight who also has a slight case of narcolepsy and a dry hacking cough.. in COACH. It’s horrible. It’s dignity-stripping. And it’s why when I am living in the lap of luxury, I shall get on first class and. never. go. back. BAM. 

5. Get a pedicure every single week. I will have the prettiest freaking feet in the world. I would go into more detail about this but I actually don’t like talking about feet that much and I don’t think any one really cares that much about mine….Though they will be beautiful. 

4. Watch “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” on TV and then go do the things they talk about. 500,000 dollars a night? Psh, “I’d like a hotel room please, with an extra large bed, a TV, and one of those little refrigerators you have to open with a key. Credit card? You got it…

3. Do jobs that I’ve always wanted to try once (but not permanently be stuck in for the rest of my life) for instance: a mailman, pizza delivery girl (essentially mail man in food form but this is my list, not yours), a contestant on the amazing race, night desk clerk at a dorm on a saturday night, the queen of england, a sorority house mother, A DJ, a professional surfer etc. etc…. not because I need the money but because I’m just really curious about the overall experience. 

2. Become a connoseiur of something that wealthy people like. like cigars. or wine. or boats. And be really, really well-versed in it. Like Have-my-own-wine-cellar-and-tell-people-in-detail-about-the-wine-I’m-about-to-pour-them-to-the-point-where-they-are-begging-me-to-shut-up-well-versed. Or just buy a lot of wine and drink it. Because I can. 

And the number one thing I am going to do when I reach this status and level of influence in my life…?




.. Just kidding. HAPPY WEDNESDAY KIDS! 

Let’s just say….

To those of you looking for a job, I got you. I understand the frustration of filling out each and every application, cover letter, reference letter and hearing NOTHING back.

The internet is great because it allows us all these new search engines and research opportunities to find potential employment, but it also allows employers to hide in their anonymous corporations and never. ever. respond. Because they don’t have to! And why should they? If you’re not what they’re looking for.. why do they owe you an explanation?? (because its nice… because it would save you trouble.. because they’ve been where we’ve been.. because Jesus/ Santa would respond… etc.)

Regardless of this, I guess job searching hasn’t been without it’s learning experiences. Here’s a list of things I’ve learned since I starting looking for employment.

What every college grad should know when looking for jobs on the INTERNET–

1. Anything and everything that promises employment in ALL CAPS and EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!! (OMG! GREAT HOURS, WORK FROM HOME!!!!!!!!! BEST PAY EVER!!!) …. probably is a scam. IN FACT, the most exciting thing about this job is most likely the job post’s creative overuse of exclamations. I often wonder what these people are thinking when they post these jobs. Do they really think I’m that stupid? I guess maybe some people are. And so maybe they should have these particular jobs. So maybe, it’s working. OMG GREAT!!!!

These are examples of REAL job postings on craigslist. I’m not kidding.

2. On that note, any job that promises you can become a millionaire working from home, your backyard, your computer, your bed… also a scam (I know, sad). But same idea as “Slim for Life”, people. No one is going to get skinny from taking a little green pill everyday or wearing a rubber suit and zapping yourself with an electric waffle-iron. You have to work at weight-loss. The same is said for a career. If you want to make money, you. have. to. work. And that, about 99 percent of the time, means getting off your ass, and leaving your home. Sorry.

3. Let’s talk “work experience” for a second. Most of the jobs that sound potentially actually interesting to me are also jobs that require at least 7 plus years experience. Of course, because if I really had a chance getting this job, I would have had to start my professional career when I was 14 years old. Thanks a lot reality. Save yourself the trouble and utilize the search engine options. Most of the time, if you enter the fact that you really don’t have more than 2 years experience outside of your college career, you can save yourself the misery of finding “the perfect job” that would laugh in your face if you attempted application.

4. NETWORK! I seriously ask every single person I know who has a job that I am interested in or that has a career where they know a lot of people (think teachers, career center, college staff etc.) if they know of any one hiring. Ok.. obviously it hasn’t done much for me yet but I honestly feel like this is the best way of going about things. It gives you credibility you may not have had on just an anonymous online application. …and when your gravy train is about to go head first off a cliff into UNEMPLOYMENT AND POVERTY… you would ask everyone you know too.

5. Think outside the box. Here’s some things I’ve done that are not your normal “Look on and type in entry level marketing position (which usually results in above bullet points 1 and 2)”.

– Decide where you want to live. Seriously. If you don’t like where you live, you probably won’t like your job. After doing that, look up companies based out of that area on Wikipedia. (For instance: Let’s say you want to live in Kansas City. And you want to brew beer (interesting career choice BTW) . Boulevard Brewing Company is based out of KC! Look on their company website for job openings. You never know)

-Utilize Social Media. It’s the new frontier people, come on. Find companies and follow them. Retweet them. Find employees and follow them. Retweet them. Hey, creeping probably has gotten more than a few people a job. And now they have money. So I think that’s worth it.

...not this kind of creeping. However, someone should still try this.

– Take an internship. Hey, it’s better than nothing and it might get you the experience you need to actually get a real job. Or they might offer you a job at the end of it! Win!


Keep the faith. I know it’s hard. I know it’s frustrating. I know because I am totally in the same boat. I see my future and I see a big black hole of doom (exaggeration). But what you have to remember is that even though college is over, it doesn’t mean our lives are! Let’s say I don’t get my dream job this fall. Let’s say I have to be a bartender in some gross nightclub and work until three AM just to make it to my next paycheck. Let’s say I take out a sickening large loan and go back to school and get my masters degree and become a dietician and fix childhood obesity in inner city schools. Let’s just say it will be worth it. LET’S JUST SAY I CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s just say…I think maybe the people who post those creepy scamming job ads with exclamation points and caps lock have the right idea, because now I feel all jazzed about the rest of my life. 🙂

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO!!! (Disclaimer: I did not actually succeed in lifting this. I guess even the mind has limitations.)

Here, here and here

You ever wake up first thing in the morning a little sad?

I don’t know what it is about today.. because it’s beautiful and not too hot yet and quiet, but I got that this morning. You know that nagging feeling that you can’t pinpoint because it’s the combination of several things and some things you just don’t want to spend too much time dwelling on and one or two things you just can’t stop thinking about? Sometimes, I sit on my back porch as I eat breakfast in the morning and think. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to talk but I also am pretty stuck in my own head sometimes.

I usually get up early because I like how quiet it is in the morning. In the midst of last night, which was 90 percent of the time, filled with intoxicated yells and an indescript other laundry list of miscellaneous noises, there’s this perfect balance first thing in the morning in Lawrence where everything is perfectly quiet. And it’s the perfect time to think. To make a decision about how your day is going to go.

And sometimes, regardless of how I decide how my day is going to go, I can’t shake my first thing in the morning feeling. It’s like it starts there and just envelopes me for the rest of the day.

And though I’m a little sad this morning, for a variety of vague reasons that I don’t necessarily feel like sharing on a public forum, I also think about all the times before that I have felt like this before and conquered. Sometimes, it’s only when you are at you’re weakest– you realize just how strong you really are. And how LUCKY you are. I feel lucky for how many mornings I got on this back porch, just by myself, just for a few moments, just to think, just before the rest of the world woke up and everything got loud again.

For the moments I feel faint, I appreciate the time I’ve spent here.