Let’s just say….

To those of you looking for a job, I got you. I understand the frustration of filling out each and every application, cover letter, reference letter and hearing NOTHING back.

The internet is great because it allows us all these new search engines and research opportunities to find potential employment, but it also allows employers to hide in their anonymous corporations and never. ever. respond. Because they don’t have to! And why should they? If you’re not what they’re looking for.. why do they owe you an explanation?? (because its nice… because it would save you trouble.. because they’ve been where we’ve been.. because Jesus/ Santa would respond… etc.)

Regardless of this, I guess job searching hasn’t been without it’s learning experiences. Here’s a list of things I’ve learned since I starting looking for employment.

What every college grad should know when looking for jobs on the INTERNET–

1. Anything and everything that promises employment in ALL CAPS and EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!! (OMG! GREAT HOURS, WORK FROM HOME!!!!!!!!! BEST PAY EVER!!!) …. probably is a scam. IN FACT, the most exciting thing about this job is most likely the job post’s creative overuse of exclamations. I often wonder what these people are thinking when they post these jobs. Do they really think I’m that stupid? I guess maybe some people are. And so maybe they should have these particular jobs. So maybe, it’s working. OMG GREAT!!!!

These are examples of REAL job postings on craigslist. I’m not kidding.

2. On that note, any job that promises you can become a millionaire working from home, your backyard, your computer, your bed… also a scam (I know, sad). But same idea as “Slim for Life”, people. No one is going to get skinny from taking a little green pill everyday or wearing a rubber suit and zapping yourself with an electric waffle-iron. You have to work at weight-loss. The same is said for a career. If you want to make money, you. have. to. work. And that, about 99 percent of the time, means getting off your ass, and leaving your home. Sorry.

3. Let’s talk “work experience” for a second. Most of the jobs that sound potentially actually interesting to me are also jobs that require at least 7 plus years experience. Of course, because if I really had a chance getting this job, I would have had to start my professional career when I was 14 years old. Thanks a lot reality. Save yourself the trouble and utilize the search engine options. Most of the time, if you enter the fact that you really don’t have more than 2 years experience outside of your college career, you can save yourself the misery of finding “the perfect job” that would laugh in your face if you attempted application.

4. NETWORK! I seriously ask every single person I know who has a job that I am interested in or that has a career where they know a lot of people (think teachers, career center, college staff etc.) if they know of any one hiring. Ok.. obviously it hasn’t done much for me yet but I honestly feel like this is the best way of going about things. It gives you credibility you may not have had on just an anonymous online application. …and when your gravy train is about to go head first off a cliff into UNEMPLOYMENT AND POVERTY… you would ask everyone you know too.

5. Think outside the box. Here’s some things I’ve done that are not your normal “Look on monster.com and type in entry level marketing position (which usually results in above bullet points 1 and 2)”.

– Decide where you want to live. Seriously. If you don’t like where you live, you probably won’t like your job. After doing that, look up companies based out of that area on Wikipedia. (For instance: Let’s say you want to live in Kansas City. And you want to brew beer (interesting career choice BTW) . Boulevard Brewing Company is based out of KC! Look on their company website for job openings. You never know)

-Utilize Social Media. It’s the new frontier people, come on. Find companies and follow them. Retweet them. Find employees and follow them. Retweet them. Hey, creeping probably has gotten more than a few people a job. And now they have money. So I think that’s worth it.

...not this kind of creeping. However, someone should still try this.

– Take an internship. Hey, it’s better than nothing and it might get you the experience you need to actually get a real job. Or they might offer you a job at the end of it! Win!


Keep the faith. I know it’s hard. I know it’s frustrating. I know because I am totally in the same boat. I see my future and I see a big black hole of doom (exaggeration). But what you have to remember is that even though college is over, it doesn’t mean our lives are! Let’s say I don’t get my dream job this fall. Let’s say I have to be a bartender in some gross nightclub and work until three AM just to make it to my next paycheck. Let’s say I take out a sickening large loan and go back to school and get my masters degree and become a dietician and fix childhood obesity in inner city schools. Let’s just say it will be worth it. LET’S JUST SAY I CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s just say…I think maybe the people who post those creepy scamming job ads with exclamation points and caps lock have the right idea, because now I feel all jazzed about the rest of my life. 🙂

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO!!! (Disclaimer: I did not actually succeed in lifting this. I guess even the mind has limitations.)


2 thoughts on “Let’s just say….

  1. Jacob Share says:

    One important thing to keep in mind is not to apply to every opening just because you qualify. Rather, save your time to apply for the openings that really appeal to you, and use the time saved to follow the other tips above like networking and reaching out to the company so that they’ll have extra reason to check out your resume or application.

    Nice writeup, Meg

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