A Top Ten Tuesday Original

Good (Wednesday) Afternoon! 

 After taking a good 4 mile run last night.. I was a little too tired to write up something spectacular (which is obviously expected) and so I decided to wait to postpone my TOP TEN TUESDAY until Wednesday which is fortunate because Wednesday is the best day of the week. Therefore, this list should make your day better. At least I HOPE it will. 

Yes.. these are my parents. I found this lovely shot on my computer a few months back. I'm such a lucky, lucky girl.

ANYWAY.. Today’s theme? THE FUTURE.  Because who doesn’t like playing the someday game? Someday, I’ll be rich. Someday, I’ll be famous. Someday, I’ll fall in love. Someday, I’m going to do this. Someday, I’m going to do that. (I’m not about to make a Justin Bieber reference.. I promise.

…..but if you didn’t pick up on that.. you can watch his commercial here.) 🙂

Anyway, I really, really try to live in the moment. Really I do. (This occasionally gets me in trouble. Examples: basically my entire high school career, a certain curtain incident in college, the time I got in trouble for dancing on a roof in London etc. etc.)  And I also really believe you should spend most of your time in the present because after all, the future hasn’t happened yet and if you live there.. do you ever really live? Taking Socrates back for a moment, my point is that sometimes, it’s fun to dream about what you are going to do someday. So without further discussion– I introduce to you, the second installment of……

TOP TEN TUESDAY: the future addition

and otherwise known as….

TOP TEN THINGS I will do when I am

comfortably wealthy and also relatively well-known–

(because rich and famous is such a cliche. And kind of vague. Just HOW MUCH is rich exactly? And fame is overrated. See: Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, every single Kennedy and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi )

Seeing the world through sequined glasses pretty much guarantees your future to be bright.. right snooks?

10. Get a butler. I’m serious. I’m not going to make him my slave or anything but how COOL would it be to have a butler? This is my dream.  Here is a rough outline of what he should look like: (except without this unacceptable look of fear on his face (my butler will be fearless) and obviously a good 20 years younger. And black… Maybe.)

9.  Go on ridiculous roadtrips without maps just because I like to drive. And because I am super wealthy so I don’t care about gas money. Also, I will drive some hybrid vehicle that operates off energy from the sun and won’t really need gas but I’ll stop at gas stations anyway just for the experience. And I’ll drive to random places and eat at cool restaurants and speak with an accent (because no one will know me) and I’ll pay for people’s tolls behind me (which I have always wanted to do but most of the time I have a hard time finding change for my own toll) and I’ll make it a point to drive off into the sunset whenever I can, just because I can.

Thanks to the The Boss for this obvious ride into the sunset road choice: 

8. Start my own non-profit organization to increase awareness about nutrition that will benefit families with little access to such information. (This is a serious one guys. I can be serious sometimes too.) Because I really really think that childhood obesity is a sad thing. People should have the option of eating better without breaking their bank to make sure their kids get the nutrients they need. Really! Also.. I want some sort of run to be involved because the first letter of my name has amazing alliteration utilization opportunities. (Think Meg, Mile, Marathon, Magic etc.) I’m just saying.. THIS COULD BE BIG! 

7. Get a mural of my dog. Reenacting this picture. Her friends can also pose. (Let me know if you are in on this brilliant idea.. your dog could be chosen.) 

And remake like a zillion copies and have it be the ONLY gift I ever give anyone. ever.

6.  Obviously, ride in first class on an airplane FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. There is nothing quite like riding first class on a ten-hour flight and experiencing all its wonderous glory and then having it stripped away from you upon your return flight sitting next to the most obese person on the flight who also has a slight case of narcolepsy and a dry hacking cough.. in COACH. It’s horrible. It’s dignity-stripping. And it’s why when I am living in the lap of luxury, I shall get on first class and. never. go. back. BAM. 

5. Get a pedicure every single week. I will have the prettiest freaking feet in the world. I would go into more detail about this but I actually don’t like talking about feet that much and I don’t think any one really cares that much about mine….Though they will be beautiful. 

4. Watch “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” on TV and then go do the things they talk about. 500,000 dollars a night? Psh, “I’d like a hotel room please, with an extra large bed, a TV, and one of those little refrigerators you have to open with a key. Credit card? You got it…

3. Do jobs that I’ve always wanted to try once (but not permanently be stuck in for the rest of my life) for instance: a mailman, pizza delivery girl (essentially mail man in food form but this is my list, not yours), a contestant on the amazing race, night desk clerk at a dorm on a saturday night, the queen of england, a sorority house mother, A DJ, a professional surfer etc. etc…. not because I need the money but because I’m just really curious about the overall experience. 

2. Become a connoseiur of something that wealthy people like. like cigars. or wine. or boats. And be really, really well-versed in it. Like Have-my-own-wine-cellar-and-tell-people-in-detail-about-the-wine-I’m-about-to-pour-them-to-the-point-where-they-are-begging-me-to-shut-up-well-versed. Or just buy a lot of wine and drink it. Because I can. 

And the number one thing I am going to do when I reach this status and level of influence in my life…?




.. Just kidding. HAPPY WEDNESDAY KIDS! 


One thought on “A Top Ten Tuesday Original

  1. Amanda Unruh says:

    You just made my day! Well, besides the fact that I just laughed out loud in my cubicle a few times with an office full of people. Funny funny girl you are!

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