The show goes on


I don’t have a lot of time to write today but since it’s been a while I thought I’d update some leftovers.  My current life in bullets:

  • We found an apartment! It’s right off the Country Club Plaza and you can see Anthropologie from the street (God help us). Dylan and I are planning on moving in the 27th. I probably won’t leave Lawrence until that Sunday (the 31st) though, so say your goodbyes because we’re moving on to BIGGER and BETTERthings. Also, stay tuned for a housewarming party. At a nearby bar. Details TBA 🙂

    Future Roommates! Likes: the color orange, Third Eye Blind and Elliott Krause. Dislikes: directions and hangovers

  • Wedding Weekend is coming up! I’m getting married!!!!!!! Just kidding. Barf. (sorry engaged couples, newlyweds, current married people, people who love marriage) Actually, my aunt is getting married and I’m her maid of honor. Ya… she’s trusting me with this title. It’s in GRAND LAKE, Colorado and basically I get to live on a lake for a week and get pedicures and manicures and get my hair done and eat GREAT food, and drink copious amounts of wine and live. it. up. Also, be supportive of her marriage of course. Congrats to my beautiful Aunt! 

The lovely Bride to be and me in San Francisco last April

  •  I’ve upped my running regime to approx. 5 miles a day and with the weather how it is, this actually might kill me. I’ve found it’s easiest to run around 6 in the morning but with my current work schedule of either working at 6:30 AM (as a barista) or until 3:30 AM (as a bartender)// Let’s just say things are a little complicated. Something I have found that is helpful is wearing my running outfit to bed so when I wake up all I have to do is have breakfast and put on my shoes and GO! Which sometimes works out.. and sometimes doesn’t.
  • ….annnnnddd I still don’t have a job. I have decided to look at this as less tragedy, and more triumph. I’ve had several interviews and the truth is, I know at one of these places I’m their dream girl. And if not, it’s not like I’m not going to live right down the street from a ZILLION shops and restaurants that couldn’t hold me over in the meantime. I’m getting more excited about my future and less sad and though I know these next two weeks are going to be hard to leave some of my very BEST friends, I also know this isn’t the end.. it’s the just beginning of something different and new. 
  • Finally, some things that I have learned/realized over the past week that I thought I would share…
    • Horse Movies. I hate them. I’ve always hated them and I have given more than a few a try and immediately regretted the decision. Don’t believe me? Did anyone see the preview before Harry Potter 7 Part 2 for “War Horse”? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT MOVIE ABOUT?? I don’t think there was ever a word said. Just a horse constantly running through a field. What I don’t understand is why Hollywood would put that preview in front of one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. It seems a little silly/stupid/unreasonable/retarded. No one wants to see a movie about a horse. Regardless if it precludes Harry Potter or not.
    • I’m obsessed with oatmeal. OBSESSED. You want some of the best oatmeal of your life? 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup vanilla almond milk,1 cup water, 1 zero cal sugar pack (I like stevia) 1 25 cal pack of cocoa, 2 tbs PB, one small banana, cook for 12 min on stove and voila. Chocolate Peanut butter oatmeal. It’s dank. If you like oatmeal you will thank/ hug me. Plus it’s good for you! And it makes a lot. 
    • The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has the capacity to ruin my credit score/ life. I need everything. 
    • Never drink with a bunch of bartenders after the bar closes. Everyone will want to show off “the new shot they made up” and all of the shots will be extremely strong and then it will be six AM. And you will be 8 shots deep and watching the sun rise with the Hawk Janitor, Ed wondering how things escalated quite so quickly. 
    • Finally… Harry Potter has always been and will always be my favorite hero. I love him. And true love lasts forever. I feel the same way about red velvet cake and puppies.
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s TOP TEN TUESDAY.. it’s going to be a good one. The end!

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