What’s the word for…

You know those situations where you bring something up to a friend that you were just thinking about or doing and they’re like, “That’s so weird! I was just thinking/doing that too!”??   

…For Example:

Andrea is in this online creative writing class (which is taking her forever even though she is a good writer and is super creative so I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY it’s taking her so long..) But anyway, she’s on the couch writing one of her stories for class and I’m walking around the kitchen singing (this is typical behavior) and my choice of songs for the day is Whiskey Girl by Toby Keith. Which is bizarre anyway because I never sing Toby Keith but I guess yesterday I was singing the star-spangled banner so I guess I’m just feeling super patriotic lately or something. Anyway, after singing I feel the need to watch the music video behind the song (which is stupid, don’t watch it.. you’ll feel like you lost minutes of your life) and I ask Andrea if it’s ok (because I am a good roommate and I don’t want to interrupt her in the middle of her story writing) and she says, “Yeah.. that’s so weird before you started singing I was writing a part in my story about the main character doing Kareoke the night before and her artist of choice was Toby Keith”.

…..AND BAM! What are the odds of this situation? It’s like a miniature version of the twilight zone. Bi-zarre.

This kind of thing happens to us a lot and we’ve come down to a couple simple conclusions:

  1. I am a superhero (my words not Andreas) and my only power is being able to specifically read Andrea’s mind. Which will help me in a life or death situation probably never. 
  2. This happens to others a lot too and therefore needs some form of a title. (…probably the less likely of the two.)

We were trying to think of one that combines the words “weird” and “coincidence” to make the word “coierdence” but decided that it didn’t fit. If you have a better name for this particular situation and would like to share PLEASE let us know. In the mean time, I’ll just continue to believe that I can read Andrea’s mind. 

I’m going to the Royals game tonight! On a party bus! Good luck Liver! The last time I did this was two years ago and let’s just say it ended (as most of my experiences with intense alcoholic consumption do)… with embarrassment and shame. … So bring it on! 

I also have a job interview today at one so I am debating on waiting for TOP TEN TUESDAY to once again be pushed back to Wednesday. I know, I know.. but I guess I could do a double feature? A short and sweet version today with an extended version tomorrow? How does this sound? Ok great. Done. 

Today’s TOP TEN TUESDAY (the abbreviated version):

The Top ten things that I think would be extremely useful/helpful/SWEET in real life that are available to wizards in Harry Potter

Happy Christmas Harry. Happy Christmas Ron.

 (yes, I am really doing this. Ps: Edward Cullen…. is a fairy) 

10- Apparating/ Disapparating

9-  The tents that are actually houses inside which are LEGIT (see: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire)

8- The Sorting Hat

7- Butterbeer

6- an elf servant (but not a slave, more like a Dobby-type)

5- howler letters 

4- Skiving Snackboxes

3-  A Marauders Map

2- Felix Felicis potion

1- A wand. Obviously. Allowing me at the very least the luxury of hexing every person who has ever cut me off in traffic. 

As I said earlier, a more detailed reasoning behind all of these will come tomorrow. Hold on to your broomsticks until then kids!

…Ok sorry,  that was admittedly super gay. 

Have a great Tuesday!



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