My boyfriend Lawrence: A break-up story

I think I owe everyone a TOP TEN TUESDAY.. actually on a Tuesday.

But first.. my thoughts on the band, Third Eye Blind and why I love them. Recently I have been trying to pinpoint exactly what it is about them that I enjoy.. and I think I finally got it. I love them because they play the kind of music that make you nostalgic for a memory you’ve never had. Does that make sense? Allow me to explain. Their lyrics (I’m a big lyrical analyst) rarely talk about concepts or ideas but rather specific events and things and places. And though you may not experience anything they talk about, the way they sing and what they sing about makes you feel like you have. Their specifics bring you back to a bigger picture, making you think about, wish about, remember something that happened even if it never did. Which brings me to my theme for this weeks TOP TEN TUESDAY. On Friday, I’ll officially no longer be a Lawrence resident. And I’ll never move back. Which is HORRIBLY sad. And wonderfully exciting at the same time. I’m at the beginning of the rest of my life, but I’m at the end of this. And like the last line of a song, after singing the chorus endlessly, I’d like to leave this section of my life memorable with just a few final words. So in honor of the time I’ve spent here, I present to you the 4th installment of TOP TEN TUESDAY and along with that, some specific things, places and people.. so that you too, can maybe become nostalgic for memories you’ve never had.

The Top TEN things/places/people I will miss about Lawrence–

Poster Lawrence Boy, thanks for your time.

10) Dennis the Homeless man who has a fake baby-

Oh Dennis. From the day I first met you my freshman year at Jubilee Cafe and you were dressed for St. Patricks day in September, I knew we were meant to be friends. Recently, I have seen you playing in the dumpster behind my house and I regret never asking you the name of your fake baby child. I hope you eventually find happiness with someone who is equally as eccentric as you. Maybe they can bring a fake stuffed pet into the family. Maybe a cat. I see you as a cat person over a dog person. I wish you many more wonderful years in Lawrence after I leave, and I hope you know there will always be room in my dumpster for you. So long my homeless man friend.

9) The 6th floor of Lewis Hall–

Because your freshman year is something that you look back on and find yourself sort of cringing.. and I’m no exception to this rule. To the the walls that probably still have stains on them from me spewing straight Bacardi Razz on their off-white exterior after failing to eat dinner and consuming a fifth almost entirely to myself one fateful Tuesday night at Quintons. A lesson I learned immediately and have somehow managed to avoid to repeating ( metaphoric pat on the back here). To our floor’s study room, where I cried after my parents left on my first day and also during the majority of recruitment week and sometimes, when I just was feeling sad. To room 617, which housed many a drunken dance party, and where I also got three drinking violation tickets.. realizing that these may or may not have been in direct correlation. To the people I met there that I failed to keep in touch with as time and experiences separated us both, but also knowing the memories and mistakes I made on the 6th floor of Lewis hall will not be soon forgotten.

4 years ago..

4 years later šŸ™‚

8) Finals Week

I love the feeling finals week has. It’s like every single person has injected themselves with this anxious amped up stressed insane caffeine adderall injection and then just being around each other makes the whole campus feed off of eachother’s power. And maybe it’s weird that I liked it, but it really made me feel so connected to each person. Hey frat boy in the corner who’s about to fail Math 002 for the second time, I feel ya. It’s ok. Just flip that hat around, think about a Wang burger at the Wheel and dream on because God knows, you’re gonna take this class again for the next two semesters. Oh hey Asian girl speaking so fast I can’t understand a word you’re saying ( oh it’s not english, that’s why) good luck on your micro-physics advanced exam today. I know you took this course in the third grade but at least you are taking it now for practice for when you cure cancer…. And so on and so forth. Finals week connects everyone. We’re all stressed. But we all ended it the same, and you could feel it. Like a big gust of air just sighed collectively on campus Friday evening of the last final (which for some reason I ALWAYS had) .. and everyone could breathe again. At least until grades came out.

Yes, this was a personal find. Sometimes you just gotta sleep ok?

7) Ed, The Hawk Janitor,

There are few men I know who compare to the standard that Ed has set for humankind. A janitor at the Hawk back before many of us were born (this is actually an exaggeration, my point is no one knows how long this man has been working there) he has had exactly 15 21st birthdays. He’s a legend in particular in the pine room. Ed orders two types of drinks. Tequila and Bud light. And he always tips (God bless him). Finally, a little known fact about Ed. Ed isn’t short for Edward or Edwardo but actually are his initials. E. David. He goes by E.D. Yes.. that’s actually true. Adios, mi amigo.

6) Frat Packs-

How do you know when it’s spring at KU?

I’ll give you 3 little clues.

It involves 12 boys, 6 shades of pastel and 24 sperry shoes.

Special shout-outs to Kappa Sigma and Phi Delta Theta for really bringing back the creature pants and croakie combination. Honorable mention to assorted members in Beta Theta Pi.. but it’s Beta so let’s not get too crazy.

5) Melrose Apartments-

Specifically, Melrose pool. Because no summer late night in Lawrence was ever complete without a early hour swim. Also because some of my greatest and most ridiculous stories come from Melrose. All of which are either a)embarrassing b) hilarious or c) illegal. And none of which will be shared online. šŸ™‚

4) Yokohama

Yoko, I have been all around the world and have tried sushi everywhere I’ve been. Yet, as a Sushi Connoisseur, I have yet to find a more perfect California Roll than what you have created here in Lawrence, Kansas. Congrats. Also, you hold my V card in Saki Bombing. You never forget your first. Thanks for the hangover.

3) Dennis.. not homeless, no fake babies, EK cook-

Dear Dennis, if you’re reading this I hope you know how INCREDIBLY important you are to Sigma Kappa. Not only are you a five star cook, but a personal friend to every girl who comes through it’s doors. Thank you for putting up with all my shenanigans through the years and always making vegetarian options and having plenty of cottage cheese and letting me make you a twitter and helping me with Bid day and not laughing at me when I came back for fourths on Greek Food / Sigma Wrappa day and letting me and Andrea live in Sigma Kappa even after everyone was gone and leaving food so that we wouldn’t starve and for all the times you let us take home leftovers so that we didn’t have to cook or buy food and for making our last senior formal THE BEST EVER! You’re the greatest. I seriously miss you so much already.

2) The Martini Room at the Hawk

True, I could mention 14th and Ohio specifically as something that I will obviously and clearly miss with all my heart. I truly spent more time at that street corner (insert hooker joke here) than probably any other place combined (including class and being home) but I want to send a specific shout-out to the Martini Room for no other reason than when I think about the very best times I have had at the Hawk, or even at KU, they generally have taken place in this room. Specifically, Jagerbombs on top of the bar on my 21st birthday, every football game, whenever my brother visited, every time I decided that top-shelf tequila was absolutely necessary, every heart-to heart I had with sober bartenders, the time I helped some girl put her shirt on forward after she came out of the bathroom with it inside out and backwards (explain that one)…simply stated, I’ll miss you Martini. You pretend to be classy, but for those of us who have frequented you the past 4 years.. we all know you are just the Boom Boom room’s better dressed and sluttier older sister. And I respect you for that.


And the number 1 thing I’ll miss about Lawrence?

Maybe it’s not just one thing. Maybe It’s a combination of a dozen feelings all massed into one giant lump in the back of my throat that keep me holding on until this point. The feeling I got the night before I got to go back up to school, walking down Jayhawk boulevard and saying hi to every single person I know which undoubtedly usually made me late for class, recruitment week in basement engulfed in hairspray and trashy magazines, drunk eating wheel pizza and debating on whether spending the extra quarter on ranch was economically sound, getting ready for countless formals, theme and date parties, watching Mom Fran snore in her recliner and the one time I stole the key from her bedtable so I could make oatmeal (which is all on film FYI), taking long walks on campus during Asian passing period (5 pm Central standard time), that one text message at 2:15 AM on a Thursday, knowing that each year, every year, there was always another year until now.

And finally.. seeing myself over the course of time change into the person I truly want to be.. but yet, still desperately wanting to go back and do it again.

This wasn’t particularly easy to write. But just like every thing else in life, there has to be an end and there has to be a time you say goodbye. You can say the timing isn’t right, you can try to avoid reality but the truth is, the timing is never right. Life doesn’t wait and college always ends. But when life has an expiration date, why can’t every day be a glory day? So to my fellow grads, a final toast on behalf of our time here and what’s ahead– may we only dwell on the past long enough to appreciate the present. May we never fall into the average, the mundane, the ordinary or the common. And most importantly, may we continue to live as if these are the best days of our lives. Because they are!

I think I speak on behalf of us all when I say, It’s been fun Lawrence!
to the stars..


2 thoughts on “My boyfriend Lawrence: A break-up story

  1. Laura T. says:

    This made me tear up at work…rude. Lawrence will miss the girl who creater THE “Beer, Tits Frat” slogan.

  2. Victoria Z says:

    I am proud to be the one who escorted you to your room on the bacardi razz night. it was a fun time for all. I would like to add that the reason you drank the entire fifth (if you dont remember clearly) is because the cops came to quintons, so we hid in the bathroom and you decided that being caught will alcohol on you would be bad, so you drank it all. It was wonderful. The walls of Lewis will never forget you!

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