An interim post for my interim step in life

So I am writing this at the Panera on the Plaza in Kansas City, which is really nice for a few reasons. First of all, I have found that a lot of the staff sing behind the counter, which I obviously enjoy, and they have pretty good voices. I would love to sing a long, especially during the Bruno Mars solos (Just the Way You Are, NOT Grenade..which no one likes. Not even Bruno.) but I feel like we need more time together before I bust out some solo chords. I also really enjoy the smoothies they make here, which I am sure they make everywhere, but here I feel like they add a special ingredient of love. or maybe sugar. Sugar and love are occasionally synonymous.

The reason I have been spending so much time at this particular Panera is because my apartment has no cable and no internet. It’s a bleak lifestyle but it’s encouraged me to leave the house when Dylan is at her full-time big girl job and I am wallowing in my post-grad depression and semi-unemployment status. Currently that’s transferring into being a real housewife of Kansas City, minus the fact that I am not married and not really that dramatic and I have no friends to enjoy this lifestyle with me, not to mention I am poor and can afford nothing. Though I did buy a flower pot the other day. It is blue.

I'm artistic

ANYWAY, I know you all have been DYING to know what I have been doing recently so I think it’s time for some nice little bullet points.

  • I have a job! Ok, a part-time job. Which isn’t that bad. It’s down the street from where I live and It’s not like a lifetime career goal or anything but I like the people I work with and you can’t beat that two minute commute. Plus, every walk to work and back I average about 2.5 cat-calls. Which is like a confidence boost twice a day. Which is kind of nice. Even when the people whistling are usually creepy and fat and old. Anyway, in the meantime, I continue to search for something that will put my college diploma to use. We will be broke.. but fabulous.
  • Our new place is, for lack of better words, AMAZING. I mean, it’s nothing special. But it’s perfect for us. Right off of the plaza and the perfect size and once we fix it up I really just feel like maybe I could call it home. Which is a big step but I think with proper weekly counseling I can get over Lawrence and be comfortable here. I also met our cleaning lady. Her name is Sonia. She’s SO FAR my only friend in the apartment complex. I sense we will become close.
  • I ran 4 miles in 32 minutes yesterday! This is huge for me because a) it’s 10,000 degrees out b) I have not ran in 4 days (whoops, I was moving sorrrry) and c) I usually run a solid 8:45 min mile. Honestly, it may have been because I was running up by KU med and I had no idea where I was and I kept having to run through crowds of students and I was just showing off. It happens. Maybe I should run up there everyday with that time. Hellllllllo med students! (the boys obviously, not the girls.)
  • I miss my friends. I want them all to come back and we can just kick out all the tenants at our place and pretend we live in the dorms again. I think this is a phenomenal idea. I also am realistic and know that change is good! This is exciting! But it’s still a little sad and I miss you all.
As a final note, I would like to thank you all for all your kind comments on my last post. I am sorry for making about 87 percent of you cry, I promise this was never my intention but I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry a little writing it so I appreciate that you got to feel what I also did. Were all in this together right?
So friends, until I get internet in my place, it’s looking like Panera on the Plaza is the SPOT to POP to. I promise to write a top ten list in the near future. OH! And tonight I am going to a place called Brooksider which has DOLLAR NIGHT on Thursdays.
Yes Virginia, there is life after college…
Peace, Love (sugar) and Panera Bread–
UPDATE: Apparently, Panera has a time-limit on their free internet access. Assholes.
The party is now taking place at the Plaza Barnes and Noble.

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