These are a few of my favorite things


I actually have had access to technology for about five days now but I also have been working my can off and haven’t had the energy to really sit down and write something you might actually want to read. 

I am le tired.

So, life on the plaza. It’s ok. As a consolation prize to college, I guess we’re still winning. Dylan and I officially have been in our place about two and a half weeks now. We go through up and downs as post graduates. Somedays, we are kind of excited about the prospect of the rest of our lives! Somedays, we mourn the past four years like a beloved pet that has finally died. And speaking of pets, as domestic partners, Dylan and I have decided we need to adopt an asian baby and a cat. I actually hate cats so I’ll probably also buy a large great dane of which I will train to eventually eat our cat… but these are long-term goals.

Some things on the plaza I have come to enjoy these past two weeks:

– Yogurtini

Has anyone heard my rant on this? THEY LEAVE THE FREE SAMPLE CUPS AT THE FRONT DOOR. They TRUST you to fill your own. How can I accurately convey just how awesome this is?? To anyone who has had to ask to try a sample at 3spoons/orange leaf in Lawrence, you know why this is a legitimate score for frozen yogurt places everywhere. Not to mention– the flavors are new and exciting, they have like 50 more toppings AND (to top it off, no pun intended) it’s cheaper. So you feel better about eating more. It’s obesity at its finest and it makes me happy to know that at least in frozen yogurt terms I have gone from good (in Lawrence) to GREAT (in KC)


Maybe I’m late to the game on this one but this place makes me feel better about post grad life. It’s like the wheel on the plaza. It’s a comfort in times of need. IT’S EXPENSIVE AS SHIT (at least for me. I realize it’s not Vegas but in Vegas I drank for free so I’m not used to going out and spend 8 dollars on a single drink) and so I’m currently looking for a sugar daddy to purchase me my double vodka waters. In return, I will introduce him to the nearest female friend in proximity and then promptly run away to the un-air conditioned bathroom to hide and chug my drink in peace. Ahh, just like freshman year… but in glass cups instead of plastic ( I also include that in the price when I drink them.. free glass cup? Yup, that’s going in my purse as a souvenir.)

Happy hours across the Plaza-

I’m a sucker for a deal. I’m also a sucker for sushi, boulevard wheat beer, appetizers involving hummus and pita and little drinks with cherries and pretty straws in them. These are all provided at happy hours all along the Plaza. Coincidently… this makes me extremely happy.

Running in KC-

IS SOOO SOO SOOOOO much better than running in Lawrence. I can’t even explain. I don’t worry about a pothole the size of Georgia being in my path.. hell, there is actually paths to run on here. I can run by the river, I can run in pretty parks that have statues and fountains, I can run by KU med and feel like a little bit of KU is still near me, I can run by the stores and look at displays of things I want to buy 🙂 I can run in pretty neighborhoods where MTV cribs should be filmed.. etc. etc. I love it. It’s life-changing. The only problem is night running, which I typically really enjoy but I have watched entirely too much Law and Order SVU to run in the parks at night, because I am afraid of being attacked by drunk homeless men. Granted, if they are drunk, they are probably easily avoidable but no one ever said this was a rational fear. It has greatly improved my running time though.

There are other things. I like Latte Land because it’s right next to Anthropologie and I go there because the Barista thinks I am cute and sometimes gives me free scones. Or maybe he just pities me because when I go in there I desperately need caffeine and look like death. I think it’s the cute thing though.

Also Gouda Fries (of which Dylan is creepily obsessed with and talks about basically everyday) at Blanc Burger but that’s also because of an awkward story with the Bartender who is now our slave and also gives us free shit. (Like shots at 1 AM on a Friday. We must maintain this relationship as long as possible because we really like fries, cheese and free shots.)

I like that I can walk to Commerce bank, that I no longer live next door to drunk frat boys that throw shit through my windows, that I don’t have to wear shoes in my kitchen because the floors are so gross, that I could totally walk around my apartment naked if I wanted to (which I don’t actually really want to, but I like that it’s an option), that I live next door to a blind lady that tells me I smell pretty (which I think is sweet. Because I feel like it’s usually after I come home from working at the Hawk and smell of Jager) but mostly I like that each day, every day is really a chance to try something new. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for a special addition of TOP TEN TUESDAY. This weeks theme is in honor of my beloved sisters (specifically Hannah Villa– as promised) … (because I am proud of all the hard work I know you ladies are putting in and I can’t wait to see you all shine like pretty pennies at Mock!)

Oh and happy belated birthday Nicole Lane. 22 looks good on you. (a much deserved and highly coveted shout-out just for you)



One thought on “These are a few of my favorite things

  1. Victoria Z says:

    i love these.i think you should have a career as a blog writer. if that can be a career. can’t wait to visit you on the plaza!!

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