between the lines

It feels like Fall today.

Which I like.

I like Fall.

Want to know why?

Because it’s a season of change, but change that doesn’t drag on until you get overwhelmed by it’s stay. Winter and Summer sometimes overstay their welcome but Fall comes and goes and before you know, it’s gone. And in a good way. It brings in some of the best things. It’s like Santa Clause at the end of Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. You know that Santa is coming, and that he’s the best and that he also represents Christmas and when the parade ends you know Christmas is coming! At least, I always get that symbolism. Like the way that Fall is between Summer and Winter.  Though I still very much enjoy the fall cliches like leaves changing, and tailgating and season premieres of television series and anything that involves the color orange and tastes like pumpkin, but still.. there’s something very specific about this time of year that I enjoy.

It’s the feeling that first thing in the morning when you walk outside and it’s not quite bitter cold but cold enough to wake you up and sharpen your senses. And everything looks a little bit more clear and the air just kind of bites you but in a good way. And you have to blink a few times because you haven’t quite adapted to the lighting. And though it’s not necessarily quiet out, it feels sort of silent. And you find yourself missing something. Or someone. And it’s a special kind of missing because it’s not quite sadness as much as it is acceptance. And you always take a really big breath of air like you’re trying to suck in the feeling of your first step. The feeling of the combination of being in tuned with everything around you for a few short moments until you step back into reality and adjust back to your surroundings again. And that’s what I love about this time of year. That short moment where it’s just you and Fall. You and change. You and moving on.


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