hit me

I do not like to watch TV.

You can ask any roommate I have ever had to verify this particular claim. Although I do get sucked into the occasional trashy reality tv show (see: the bachelor) and I like a good sitcom with witty banter (see: 30 Rock, see: modern family, see: HIMYM… does Spongebob count?) but other than that, I really don’t spend much time in front of the TV with the intention of actually watching it. Notice I said, actually watch it because I do, on the other hand, spend a fair amount of time sitting on my couch.

hi couch

I was thinking about this today while I was wondering if I potentially suffered from a high-functioning level of ADD/ Autism and is it possible to have both at the same time and if so was I maybe a medical anomaly? Apparently, very few people have both and if they do it’s very severe and they basically behave like monkeys. So, logically after 20 years of wondering just what was wrong with him, I have discovered the exact medical condition as to which to diagnose my little brother with. But I digress.

ANYWAY, while I do not watch a lot of television, I DO have a vast cornucopia (GREAT word. I’ve been waiting for the opportune moment to use it in a sentence.) of knowledge in regards to music. I dislike complete silence unless I am writing or I am sleeping (and even in both of these instances, I will still sometimes make exceptions) and If music is not readily available, I will sing (you may once again verify this through any of my previous or current roommates.)

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • the shower
  • my car
  • the street
  • my room
  • airplanes
  • gas stations
  • elevators
  • escalators
  • regular stairs
  • moving sidewalks
  • the beach
  • national monuments
  • while I am waiting for my food to arrive at restaurants
  • standing in line at the bank
  • standing in line at Chipotle
  • standing in any line
  • elliptical machines
  • hiking trails
  • front porches
  • back porches
  • side porches
  • hair salons
  • and Costco.

I like singing and do so frequently. Sorry, not sorry.

My favorite song all throughout high school was anything I could roll down my windows to and let rip. And 6 plus years later… that hasn’t changed much. To me, whether I’m the one singing or not, music is a crucial component to any car ride I take and any moment to any day that I can squeeze it in.

On the subject of music, the legendary reggae artist, Bob Marley, once said,

“One good thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

Well, Bob. Respectively, I disagree. The reason I love music as much as I do, is that a song, any song, depending on when you first heard it and where you were when you were listening can make music so much more than that. A song can be a memory. A song can literally transport you back to another time and place. And isn’t that wonderful? And terrible? A song can hurt! Or it can make you fly. Make you feel like you’re on top of the world. Who hasn’t listened to “Fast Car” and just wanted roll down the windows and smoke something and watch the sun set as you drive way too fast into some unknown landscape thousands of miles ahead? And who hasn’t listened to Highway to the Danger Zone and felt like any task before them was chicken shit because they could do anything? Music has a soul. And because of that, Mr. Marley, it can absolutely hurt.

The other night I was in a taxi, and a song came on the radio. Granted, the time was after 1 AM on a Friday but god, that song was like the most wonderful, horrible memory all coming a thousand miles per hour straight into my face. And I felt so torn between wanting the driver to turn it off and turn it up at the same time. And singing along and jumping out of the taxi and running away from the sound of it. And crying like a baby and laughing like a maniac. And I know you know that feeling. And that’s what hurts! Because music can remind you of something that used to seem perfect. But it can also bring you back to that perfection for a 3 minute and 41 second time period. And when it happens, all you can do is sing along. And remember. Because there’s no really going back.. but maybe just for a few lyrics, it will be almost as good.

I don’t boast a large knowledge of musical artistry background history and house a library in my brain of each tour an artist has taken and how AWESOME that one live cd was… No, to me each song is where the music is at. It’s the lyrics. It’s the specific word choice mixed with the montage of background melody that bring you back or make each moment resonate. So I could care less if the artist is Bob Dylan or The Beatles or Justin Bieber. If it means something to someone– that’s something to appreciate. Because that means that the song did it’s job.

And to me, though no one asked, that’s the best thing about music.

That when it hit you, you feel…something.



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