How to laugh in the face of danger: A Simba Tutorial

Well… I did it. 

After 2 months of dragging my feet and hating my life (on occasion), I pulled the plug. I kicked the bucket. I cashed in my chips. I bit the dust.  Shall I continue with my fun death euphemism game or should I “let the cat out of the bag” and tell you what I did?

I. quit. my. job.

I know, I know. Shocking.


I kept saying I was going to.. but then I’d go in and have a good day and I couldn’t do it anymore. And I would have another lousy day. And then I’d have a really shitty day and I would say “this is it! I’m doing it!” And go in and finally.. but then I couldn’t again. And so on and so forth until this point. But not today. Nope. Today, I am many things. I am unemployed. I am poor. I am near broke. But mostly.. I am a fearless, bold, steadfast warrior woman of action (much like Simba… when he finally decides to be king). I am someone who will no longer stand for being treated the way I have been treated. I am someone who will not crumble in the face of an employee discount. I am another company’s dream girl! Whoo! Pumped!

.. but also, yes, now I am unemployed. 

could not have said it better myself. thank you hellogiggles

But fear not! Because like all future business, society, and Lion King leaders of the world, I have a plan. After monopolizing nannying and babysitting websites for the last two weeks, I have come to the conclusion.. that though it’s not exactly ideal.. I make an excellent (and pretty good-looking I might add) stand-in mother. And with this in mind, I have lined up several interviews for “PART-TWO” of Meg’s “IN-THE-MEAN-TIME” life before my someday chosen profession of  “A-REAL-JOB“. My new bosses??  sticky, smelly, loud 2 year-olds and their equally sticky, smelly, loud (just kidding.. hopefully) mothers. And I will LOVE it. Because really people, at this point, what other choice do I have?

Truthfully, if we may fast forward a few years, I am not sure the mommy route is the path for me. I am entirely too immature and carefree to handle that much responsibility without getting paid. However, add in an hourly rate and I. am. your. GIRL.  Seriously, I’m an awesome nanny. I typically allow 20 minutes past bedtime. I rock at wii.. anything. I love all things Disney and I believe Justin Bieber should be sang into any and every hairbrush within a 20 foot radius. I also love chocolate and view it as a major food group. AND I make a killer box mac and cheese. I mean what’s not to love??  I’m freakin’ Mary Poppins of the 21st century. I’m Maria Rainer without any music. I’m like dog whisperer with 4 year olds (ok.. this is a stretch, that guy works miracles.) Refocusing… I’m great. But what am I trying to convince you guys for? Like you care. (…And if I hear one more dead cat joke, well. You don’t want to find out.)

My point is… I’m moving forward. I don’t really know where.. I guess the vast unknown of the nannying world ..but at least I’m not sitting in a stagnant pool of retail anymore. And it feels right. No, it feels GREAT! (not quite tony the tiger great but definitely a step up from the great depression) …I’m buying champagne. And I’m poppin that shit like I’m self-employed and selling rap cds and smiling with grillz on my teeth (which for the record, I’m so kidding. Grillz are like a total dealbreaker)

So the fact that I don’t know what I am doing with my life again has become once again painfully obvious. So what. So I keep forgetting that I’m 22 and I don’t have to know yet. And that I am paving the way  for the ambitious and goal-oriented dreamers who have no idea what they want to do with their future yet either. And I refuse to let myself be unhappy in menial work anymore. And that I am not a lawyer, or a doctor or an accountant. AND THATS OK.

Because the world needs gypsies like me. And because right now I might not look like much, but someday I’m going to be king.. of something. Like Simba, but human version. And until then, I will be a nanny. Or a hostess. Or a bartender. Or a delivery pizza girl. Because I am a gypsy. And that is what gypsies do.

We survive.

🙂 I can breathe again!



One thought on “How to laugh in the face of danger: A Simba Tutorial

  1. Anna says:

    Love your writing. You’re a funny girl.

    Can I give you some unsolicited advice? Great thanks.

    Intern intern INTERN. For the first 8 months after graduation, I interned like crazy–mostly for free. I wouldn’t change it for a second. I made awesome contacts, got awesome experience.. And, oh yea

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