K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid.)


“.. yeah?”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”


“Are you ever going to have a boyfriend?”

“I don’t know Louis….It’s not looking good right now.”

“Well.. you should probably get on that if you ever want to have a baby.”

…Happy Valentines Day from sunny (and single)

-thanks a lot for the reminder Louis-

Malibu, California!

Louis actually refers to himself as

So after all the diamonds and puppies I got from adoring admirers… I thought I’d end today with some post-love day thoughts.

I don’t hate Valentines day. I don’t love it either. Yes.. occassionally, I wish I had someone in my life- but I’m also not sitting around shoving sugar in my mouth crying over The Notebook about how men suck and I wish I was at a nice seafood dinner with a princess cut diamond ring on my finger.

But hey, I’m a girl. You’d have to be pretty secure to not feel at least a teensy bit vulnerable on the biggest display of commercial love of the entire year. Not to mention I went to not one, not two, but three grocery stores today. Which by the way, I think is the major culprit in commercial Valentines Day self-inflicting pity. Walking in to one is like walking into a bad dream made of pink, red and white helium balls. And you’re all of a sudden surrounded by cupids and chocolate and banners and teeny conversation hearts screaming YOU FAILED VALENTINES DAY and your head starts to spin and just before you throw up and buy yourself flowers just to ease some hallmark related deep seated romance-lacking guilt… you reach the cheese aisle and come to your senses. I’m telling you. Grocery stores prey on the weak. Also, the easily manipulated into buying hummus. But that’s whole other issue.

Anyway, I’ll keep it short tonight.

I don’t love Valentines day. But I love how I feel about it. I love that I am the kind of person (much less girl) who doesn’t put her heart into every little materialistic demonstration of cheesy cliche love. That Adina, the 10 year old girl I nanny for, got chocolate-covered strawberries from an “admirer” today and I literally laughed at myself for being a teensy bit jealous of her. Because free chocolate? Duh, score.

It’s one day. And personally, I think it’s kind of a sweet day. As long as you keep it simple.

So what did I do? I ended it watching a movie with two kids who’s idea of a successful evening is who got more candy from their classmates. And I seriously couldn’t be happier about that. Because when Louis, my 7 year old ball of nannying joy, told me he loved me tonight, I knew he really meant it. It wasn’t–Oh I love you Meg. But only when you give me something. Or I love you.. but only if you love me back. It wasn’t I love you if you were a little bit smarter, or prettier or skinnier or richer. It was just.. I love you. And I think as a society, we forget that it really can be (and actually really should)… just that simple.

So whatever your thoughts on Valentines day are, I hope you at least try to keep a 7 year old’s perspective on the art of saying the perfect I love you.

And also…. please keep in mind that if you do have a boyfriend, according to Louis, it’s probably about time to have a baby. So…. good luck with that as well.

Happy Valentines day! 😉



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