Meet Meg

Let’s start with the basics:

I’m Meg.

(there. hi.)

photo (8)


Welcome to LeftoversFromFriday.

A kind of garbage disposal, day after the party, word regurgitation of my thoughts. 



I ‘think’ maybe I’ll write a book or something. 

but ‘write’ now (see what I did there), this is what you get.

photo (6)

I just moved back to Denver, Colorado from Los Angeles. 

bike beach

It’s been a difficult adjustment. But I’m finding I kind of like Denver despite myself.


In summary?

Everyone’s got an agenda.

Everyone’s trying to make it.

I’m just currently trying to figure out just what that means to me.

photo 1





photo 3

… I’ll keep ya posted. 

In the mean time, 

Stick around.

Maybe you’ll learn something.

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