Hire Me!

…hey, I’m not too proud. If you like what you see, and you want to contact me about my writing:

Here’s my email:



One thought on “Hire Me!

  1. rjjainrahul97 says:

    I am really sorry to ask my questions here, but i couldn’t think of any other place (your E-mail address is available for professional reasons I assume).

    I am impressed by your page/theme layout and it has been one of the frustrating points regarding my Blog. I have a couple of queries as to how you set up the following things-

    1) Your ‘Previous Articles’ section. I always get a continuous stream of posts which becomes rather cumbersome. Also your older posts link.

    2) Your List on the right side of your page (FB link, Twiter Link, About me etc.)

    You are following this blog, along with 1,155 other amazing people (manage).” is a custom message. If it is so, how can we modify it?

    4) Is there any way to automatically approve reblogs, comments (without moderating etc)

    I apologize for any inconvenience caused and as a college student it is interesting to see the struggles one can face and how a positive outlook can help. Congratulations for featuring on freshly pressed.

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